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SDG Talk

SDGtalk is a forum for informed discussion on Sustainable Development Goals and the problems preventing their attainment.

For whom? is an environment for those with a critical interest in, or expertise in, issues of (sustainable) development.

This includes university students (from advanced undergraduates upwards) and those who have completed the Coursera ‘Configuring the World’ course or similar MOOCs.

Our objectives

Offer discussions with challenging theoretical and practical insights.

Create an environment where a wide range of national knowledge and information can be shared.

Create opportunities for collaborative research and publications.

Maintain up-to-date knowledge of SDG issues.

Engage in and influence public debate.

To make a difference.

Features of the forum

Regular intense discussions featuring a piece of research read by participants in advance.

Regular short videos with experts, specially recorded for the forum.

Active participation from a panel of experts.

Discussion threads initiated by participants.

A ‘notice board’ for the announcement of activities.

An opportunity for peer-review of draft proposals and papers.


Not recently active