About me




I’ve the Dutch nationality and worked my life in several professions and business at financial institutions, mainly in the control sector. Challenges on moral values and norms round about the millenium were brought to the notice of the public around 2005 by the Dutch and Austrian government and I was priviliged there to participate several of the discussions. This resulted to establish Feeling Europe Foundation (, a desk, that contributes to welfare and prosperity, connects and informs through personal encounters and use of the internet.


Required knowledge comes from several formal and informal education, tutorials, and guidance from experts and  community, and a large number of participations in meetings. My attitude to life is based on humanistic principles and enthousiasm, which show the way how to gain knowledge, positive judgement and well-developed wisdom.


In order to keep up to date and to increase knowledge, several centres are involved:

– in relation to art, culture and philosophy with Nexus Institute;
– concerning European policies CEPS (Center for European Policy Studies), EBN (European   Movement  Netherlands) and NGIZ (Dutch Society for International Affairs);
– due to economics with KVS (Royal Society for Political Economy) and SMO (Society and Enterprise   Foundation);
– on Transatlantic The Aspen Institute (SoF) and The Atlantic.