Annesha Kar Gupta

  • Absolutely,

    Freedom & liberty must be fundamental. I think UDHR is also saying so.

  • Hello Dagny,

    Corruption & education is a big factor in India. God knows how they will understand this!

  • Hello Luissega,

    Thank you for your input. Let me deal with your points now.

    In rural area, not everyone own land. They cultivate, but that doesn’t mean the land is belonging to them.

    Secondly, industrialization is happening at very limited number of cities, like Mumbai, Bangalore, but if you think about West Bengal, industrialization is 0.…[Read more]

  • Yes, if volunteers take responsibility of spending money, then that will be far better, but in that situation one cannot solely depend on local UN volunteer. Foreign volunteers will come with money provided by UN, they will work with local volunteer. This process will increase transparency mostly.

  • Many thanks Luissega.

  • Dagny,

    First of all, we are not discussing here about sexual offences. We are talking about transparency about aid recipient state.

    Secondly, why are you focusing on 2011?

    1) In every 98 seconds an American is sexually assaulted.

    2) If we consider the world ranking of countries famous for sexual assault in 2011, we will find something like…[Read more]

  • Hello Luissega,

    This is the common defence provided by every Indian that “India has had a marvelous history and culture: look at Mohendo Daro with its perfect urbanization, beautiful Indian ancient poetry (I’ve read translated Ramayana) and smart culture and philosophy”.

    Yes I agree, that those days were glorious, but what now?

    Indus c…[Read more]

  • Hello Luissega,

    Your every contribution is extremely necessary for us. Right Dagny?

    Now I want to deal with your question:-

    “The point to discuss is IN WHICH POINT of this pattern every country is and how to speed up change and make advance a nation situation?”

    Of course, there is no question of forcing any country to entire into this…[Read more]

  • Hello Luissega,

    Non-Governmental organizations also can be corrupted & sometimes more than Governmental organization. For example, India.

    Your second point is quite interesting. I want to know more on this aspect. Can you please say more on this common Euro currency topic?

  • Hello Dagny,

    You have identified correctly that doubtable system of transparency on spending received foreign aid. United Nation must think about this because this is a gray area which is extremely important.

  • Hello Dagny,

    According my opinion, this is the time United Nation needs to be a supra-national body.

    There are two reasons behind UN. 3rd generation peace to to stop crime & war and to promote peace by this way. To do this they need to cease & destroy every kind of fire arms.

    United Nation needs to be more active & they need to struck down…[Read more]

  • Hello my friends,

    Does United Nation have any procedure to maintain 100% transparency on spending international aid?

    If 100 GPB spent as International aid, for reducing hunger, Can the aid receiving & spending country provide 100% transparency?

    I want to raise this issue because aid is someone else’s money which other countries are getting to…[Read more]

  • Hello Luissega,

    I don’t know much about China. For India, religion is an asset indeed, but India has other difficulties, like, internal conflict, Lack of Kindness, system of working or education, lack of work culture, demotivation towards higher studies etc.

  • Dear Luissega,

    This must not be explained. No defence for India must be granted. Fine, they are following China, but why do they have internal conflict between them? China don’t have that.

    Why don’t they following the model of United Kingdom or United States?

    Why I have to give this painful report on India’s development on SDG?

    Why I cannot…[Read more]

  • Highly appreciated Dagny,

    Absolutely this is my reaction about India. When you ask that why don’t want to change?

    They will answer you that this is not true. India is a big country. Indus civilization was our past. My question is:- Yes, it’s true. India’s past was glorious, but don’t live on that. Past is past. Live in present & prepare for…[Read more]

  • India is a big country. People from world wide loves India. I am presenting here the development of India in SDG which according to my opinion needs to be more careful on this aspect.


    The recent Credit Suisse report shows that the richest 1 per cent Indians now own 58.4 per cent of the country’s wealth. In a country where more than h…[Read more]

  • Hello Luissega,

    Yes indeed, you are right Bangalore is a nice technological city, but that’s only a part of India. If you see the whole India, specially think about Port Blair, Andaman, you cannot find any network there. India’s rank is 116 out of 157 nations in UN’s SDG programme.

    Yes, India is in a good position than Turkey, Syria, but that’s…[Read more]

  • Hello Luissega & Dagny,

    Yes, absolutely. Girls are unwanted in India, but now some families are preferring girls. This concept is changing. India lacks something different.

    What India lacks, is kindness, respecting others, avoiding corruption, work culture, freedom specially freedom of speech.

    First time, a child starts to tell lie to his/her…[Read more]

  • We have Gold in limited quantity. So, if e cannot grow Gold (which is impossible), money will still be a problem.

    One thing United Nation can do.

    It can become a supra-national body & compel every country to join in a single currency like EU. EU was only for business purpose, UN is for peace & saving this world. So, it is extremely important for…[Read more]

  • Well pointed Dagny.

    Yes indeed. Population is raising, but it is difficult to control. It is a part of human rights. Resources are reducing & population is raising. How can this be controlled?

    If we make law to prevent birth, then will affect people’s freedom (Article 10 of European Union convention law).

    Right to life cannot be suspended or…[Read more]

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