Over-fishing must be stopped for our better future

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    Environment or Goals 06,07, 12 13 14, & 15 will be in contradiction clearly with the economic goals if UN will move to stop over-fishing.

    Over-fishing is dis-balancing our biodiversity. For example, Sharks kill 8-10 people per year whereas human beings kill 20 to 100 Million Sharks per year.

    This is disturbing our biodiversity. UN needs to control this, but there is a problem, i e promoting business. How we can promote businesses when we can’t use resources because they are decreasing?

    I think there is only one solution perhaps, i e fish firming. Through Fish-firming, we can grow species according to human needs and by banning direct ocean fishing for commercial purpose, we can save this world a lot.

    What others are thinking? Kindly share your thoughts regarding this aspect.

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